• PHD Retail

    PHD Retail is a diverse design practise specialising in creative solutions for retail interiors and hospitality design

    Paul Hickman and Luke Mackley joined forces to create PHD Retail out of the practice that Paul started over 25 years ago.

    Our extensive experience allows us to understand how to match customer expectations with the brand values and business objectives of our clients. We become true partners with our clients regularly working with them to re-invigorate brand values or create new directions.

    The partnership operates from a simple founding principle: plan it right, get it right, keep it right.


  • Our Methodology


    Our experience tells us that if a project is to present a meaningful image to its marketplace, and deliver maximum value to the brand and the business then all elements and expressions of the business must be aligned to reflect the brand vision and establish a unique paradigm for that business.

    This requires a multi-disciplinary and integrated response combining architecture, interiors, graphics, lighting, colours, textures, merchandising, promotions and service.  All must work together seamlessly to reflect the brand vision of the business.

    Our practice provides that integrated response.

  • Design Services

    • retail and interior design services
    • hospitality design – restaurants, cafe’, food shops.
    • brand and logo development
    • strategic planning
    • design documentation
    • merchandising design
    • 3D modelling
    • lighting design
    • colours and materials specification
    • project management
    • food services design
    • tendering
    • services outsourcing